Fenrir Picture

you,re on your ship with your men. youve been sailing for weeks, you and your men are tired, the fog is thick, and the waters quiet. you see a mountain. as you sail closer the waters start to become more harsh. the fog starts to clear, the mountain starts to move. a loud thunderous crash echoes through the air as lighting tares across the sky. the mountain starts to rise as the waves pick up forming huge tidal waves. you men brace the ship at your orders. then as the fog completely clears you see what it is that lies before you. you feel its breath as a mighty storm. you see the earth shake and crack underneath its paws. then...
[link] (this starts to play as you brace your sword and order your men to prepare for battle.... not much good it will do though...)

is my version of the wolf son of loki, the wolf that consumed odin, and in my opinion the most epic being of Norse Mythology, Fenrir.

i really enjoy how this on turned out. oh, and for size comparison.... there is a viking warship in the corner of the pic
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