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Symptom sits in his man cave at he’s desk carving more Greek mythology figures. Listening to classical music, whistling along. Enjoying his alone time, relaxing and doing the few things he loves best. “AWE NO WAY MAN!” A childish echo fills the room. “You play with dolls?!” The voice bursts out laughing. Symptom whips he’s head in all directions to find the sound. And there on the ceiling he spots a tiny demon child that goes by the name of “Socio” watching him from above. “They aren't dolls they’re miniature sculptures.” Symptom replies with a growl. “Whatever you say dude.” The small boy drops to his father’s side. Peering over he’s shoulder he inspects the carvings. “You got a lot of these doll-..I mean ‘sculptures’ what do you need them for anyways?” “I too have a question my little abomination~” Leaning in close to his son’s face wearing a forced smile. He then says “What the FUCK you doing here?” “Just wanted to see where you hide all day. For a while I thought you were just masturbating in your free time.” The boy pulls up a chair beside he’s dad, ignoring he’s father’s menacing tone. Just then Symptom bust a gut “BAHAHAHA! Masturbate? I don’t know if you know this boy but your daddy’s got game, I never need to.” He continues to carve away at the tiny stone with a proud smile. Socio chuckled at this. “You got game? HA! Funny~” “…your mother wasn't laughing about it last night” His father replied. “EW! SHUT THE FUCK UP!” The boy covers his ear holes and tried to erase the image from his mind. He quickly distracts himself, grabbing two of Symptom’s figures and plays with them. The tall demon stares down at his son with slight disgust; he wanted nothing more than to smash one of the sculptures against his off-spring’s head. 'Does every father feel these sort of urges?' He wondered.
I doodled this up a few weeks back but never got around to colouring it. I finally decided to give it a shot and finish it~
I haven't drawn these guys in awhile, and I freakin' LOVE them!
Thought alittle father and son time was needed~!
E N J O Y !
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