Midgard - Wayland Picture

After Wayland the Smith of Norse Mythology

If you hear clanging sounds echo in the caves of Nifleheim, it is not a buried party calling for help. More than likely, it's a herd of these herbivores tapping the walls with their impressive horns. This is used for both finding water to drink and roots to eat. They can grow to a fair size and need ample amount of food to do so. For a better idea, that horn is high enough to poke an adult human in the eye. The horn is primarily used for defense against predators such as the Dokkalfr and the Garms.

Although their forearms are of little use, they managed to make good use of their middle limbs. The arms are shaped to wrap around their chests, and their tough fingernails elongated. The result is a "hand made" chestplate that is not only tough, but flexible enough to breath though. To stay out of reach of the horn, many predators aim for the chest or legs. This unique design gives Waylands a better chance of survival.

"The original name for this creature was Monoceratops".

Competitive behavior among herd members has yet to be observed.

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