As Colored Pictures... Picture

Watercolors, liner and charcoal, baby.

Phoenix, a mythical bird aligned with fire and said to be reborn in flames. Originates originally from... Far east?
This phoenix here is actually..! !! ... Tesni's father.
His name is Lugh. Yes I'm being clever with the names shh.
Much isn't known about his long life before the time he met Tesni's mom. He spent some good years with the hippogriff until he was "killed" [not permanently]. What he will do after being revived... Is also a mystery.

Lyrics. Lyrics are from Olavi Uusivirta's song Nukketalo Palaa [The Dollhouse Comes Back]. The song itself has nothing to do with this piece, I was just inspired by one sentence in it.
Now some badly self-translated lyrics.

As colored pictures somewhere flew the birds
when the sky was grey
and the streets I walked
echoed silence

Now fifteen years later
the dollhouse comes back
a plastic woman and a plastic man
if you had known
I was in love with a man
and balconies' doors were left open at night...

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