Tunjera - Nightfall God Beast Picture


Slow but bulky predators, they are the second symbols of the 7 god beasts of the Former Inhabitants mythology. It was first believed that it was classed second due to the two white lamps that ornate their faces which are easily mistaken for eyes. We simply thought that they made a mistake when studying the animals during their archaic ages. But we were the fools. Hypnoscopes always, always, travel in mated pairs. Therefor, like our Gemini they symbolize two entities in one, and their one eyes together make two eyes.

Growing as large as residential street sweepers, Hypnoscopes slowly stroll together in the prairies at night and occasionally visit the abandoned cities, seeking out nocturnal animals that come out of hiding. One of their main weapons is fear. They emit low haunting groans that echo in the distance and other sounds that remind us of a small engine starting up.

When they come upon a small prey, they shrink their eye to absorb the least amount of light as possible. The two lamps on the side of their faces flicker rapidly and brightly and it vibrates the metallic plates on its back, creating a rattling like sound. This combination literally hypnotizes the prey in place, rendering them helpless. Then, they deliver a powerful blow from the blades on their heavily muscled arms and butcher their prey. They proceed to slowly devour the corpse using the multiple silver appendages that ornate their mouths.

It is interesting to note that their rear legs are heavily under developed. Since they relied on fear and hypnotism, Hypnoscopes no longer needed to chase after their prey. The legs have just enough strength to support their bodies, and cannot be used in fighting. It is also possible that they evolved from deep sea creatures, although it remains to be confirmed that anything can survive in Tunjera's oceans.

The pairs have one young at a time and raise them briefly together. When they are strong enough to hunt for themselves, the pair finds another pair with a suitable young. The parents then force the young to become a new pair and leave the two behind. Talk about arranged marriage.

"Hypnoscopes are heavily inspired by some of my favorite monsters. The Groke from the Moomin franchise with its purple coloring and haunting growls, the Seamstress from the movie 9 that hypnotizes its prey and of course the residential street sweepers whose engines along with their mass can be pretty intimidating if encountered at night. That actually happened to me back in 2009, which gave me the idea for the animal. The Trireme was the first of the 7 God Beasts to be invented although at the time, its status was never planned. The concept of the Nightfall God Beast triggered the idea of a Tunjeran mythology."

Here is the Spore version of this creature: [link]

Well, I saw the thing a comin' out of the sky
It had a one long horn and a one big eye
I commenced to shakin' and I said "oohwee
It looks like a Purple People Eater to me"

-Sheb Wooley
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