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My new OC, Risona! Gahahh, you have no idea how long it took me to draw the hair. Why did I have to make it so complicatedd? OTL
She's going to be the heroine of a story that ~bllvr801 and I'm makingg. C; (Well, I guess mostly me, I kind of dragged her into this, I'm so sorry!!)

Name: Risonanza Eir Astrilde (Nickname: Risona) Haha, funny name rightt? //shot
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5"6'
Hair Color: Pink and purple (Pink is dyed for personal reasons, ohoho~ suuuspicious //shotshot)
Eye Color: Blue-gray
- Ladon (~bllvr801's OC)... like A LOT
- Attention
- Cooking (Despite being TERRIBLE at it)
- Cute things, like animals, etc... o.o
- Anybody that says anything bad or tries to steal Ladon (See? I told you she likes him A LOTT. ; v ; )
- Paperwork
- Anything that has to do with physical "labor" (You know, like walking. //hit)
Personality: A fun and outgoing girl who always strives to have fun! Though she can be a bit clumsy and oblivious, she always tries her best at everything. She likes making new friends and usually will get along with anybody, except for those who think she's annoying, and A LOT of people think she's annoyingg, lol.
Weapon/Fighting Style: Risona has no weapons in particular but she is a decent healer and magic user. She is a far-ranged combat fighter and is rarely on the offensive (thus having Ladon, her partner, as the offensive). For the most part, her role in fighting is healing and defense (Like making "shields" and what nott).

- Risona's full name stands for a certain personality/trait that she has. Risonanza means "echo" in Italian, Eir is a name from a Norse mythology of a goddess of healing and medicine (also meaning "mercy"), and Astrilde is also from the Norse mythology equivalent to Cupid (meaning "desire").
- Multilingual and very knowledgeable with history.
- Was taught from a prestigious school.
- The marks on her left arm and right thigh is the "proof" and symbol that she has formed a contract with Odin, the god of wisdom, and is not capable of using magic without it.
- Comes from a royal bloodline (But I won't say anything else for that or else it'll be a spoilerrr. = v =;; )

Risona © ~PineNAPPO

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