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Raised with wealth and pampered until spoiled, Echo had found herself quite the nice life. Being able to lounge about without worry as well as being able to spend the day carefree with no qualms about the future. She had no doubts as to where her path was leading and didn't care to acknowledge small things that didn't dare pique her interest. Nothing really got to Echo as she always had a way out of bad situations due to her luxurious life. However something still gripped her heart with cold icy fangs, a longing that had been long forgotten but had suddenly revealed itself as if it were rising from a long slumber. Day after day passed until the longing over-took her spirit, forcing her to find whatever she was missing. Tearing through the woods whilst merely following her own whimsical heart she found herself in a large clearing devoid of anything worthy to be dubbed life. Creeping forward Echo had noticed something, a small glimmer in the distance. Something that looked akin to a small puddle sat where a large pond was said to be. Glancing over the edge her heart skipped a beat. At last, "Hello old friend." She had whispered, laying herself at the ponds edge while staring into her own reflection, "Narcissus."

(I based it off of the mythological story 'Echo and Narcissus'. In this case I made it so Echo had been reborn into this creature and had found herself with the Narcissus flower. Still having the bonds of her past life she sought out the old pond that had been cursed to end Narcissus's spiteful ways. And of course those links still remaining Echo remembered everything and reminisced.)


Echo is a bit too carefree when it comes to many things although she can still be rather nervous and very shy at times. Due to her upbringing she has nice manners although doesn't like to abide by many rules set and is often in trouble. Although Naive at times Echo has quick thinking skills so she is able to easily fix whatever mess she had been in previous....most of the time. She also fawns over many things be it anything from shiny objects to dangerous mechanisms; it doesn't matter and she'll want to have it as soon as possible. Echo is also known to be very "clingy" although she can manage on her own she'd rather not. Being as carefree as she is she can often make wrong friends or maybe even wrong enemies but somehow manages to sustain a protective and caring group of friends.


Likes: collecting, making friends, exploring, being the center of attention, sleeping all day, cute things, flowers.
Dislikes: larger beasts, scary creatures, horror of any kind, gore, being ignored, being forgotten.

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