Narkissos Picture

Narkissos from Greek Mythology.
There are some things off (and the scanning makes the water look horribly) and I'm not sure if I got him pretty enough. After all, he's falling in love with his own reflexion (and thus, unknowingly, breaks poor Echo's heart). I have to admit that I took the "Doryphoros" (spear-bearer), a statue (~440BC) by the Greek sculptor Polykleitos, as inspiration for his appearance.
At first I was reluctant to give him fair hair but the Greek did consider lighter hair colours as beautiful, and besides, it's mythology and in mythology he could as well have had green hair
Mostly done with watercolour but I used a lot of coloured inks for the grass (mixed with white ink to make it more opaque) and some coloured pencils here and there.
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