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^_^ Auh I am so proud of how this turned out!
And grateful that it pieced together as well as it did.

KioKun's team is a literal compilation of all the Pokemon characters I have created in the past, thus all of them have histories that were at one point or another, interlinked.

KioKun herself (pronounced kyoo'kuun') is actually the newest addition to the bunch, since the original story revolved around these Pokemon during their wild days.

^_^ That fact aside, KioKun is truly a wonderful trainer, despite her disabilities.

KioKun was born in the regions of Sinnoh, early in awakening months of the spring. Despite never being well with words, her thoughts were always well composed through music. Emotion and movement came naturally to her melodies, enthralling the spirits of both people and Pokemon alike. And so, on the eve of her seventh year, her father fashioned her a flute of equivocal beauty, as to amplify the passionate echoes of her songs.
KioKun loved her gift, and her voice carried perfectly among the weave of its tenor for all to hear...

That is what was said of her anways...

During the transitional seasons of her ninth year, Kio's hearing simply faded away. The details of the event remain unknown, but the agony that befell her father was visible for all to see. Riddled with despair, his daughter's true voice began to fade away, lost without the comfort of her chorus. Driven by his love and her sorrow her father spent the remainder of the year near most in solitude, fashioning a device which could return her music to her.

On the dawn of her tenth year KioKun sought solace in the dreams of adventure, and began preparations for her Pokemon journey. Overjoyed in the renewed ambitions of his daughters heart, he presented her with the finished AX15 prototype. Though large and regardably awkward, KioKun adorned it with pride, while her father spoke in earnest praying her hearing was restored. With a slight twitch from the left device she smiled to him with tears In her eyes. Although her world remained a silent one, the gentle humm of her fathers voice tickled her ear with simple vibrations.
She did not hear his words, but she understood their meaning, symbolized in part by the AX15 and flute held readily at her side..
Though it pained her to leave, her heart sang in earnest as she embraced him, and thus she began her journey~

Her Pokemon Party

Charizard: Charizard is a truly powerful individual who both demands and deserves the respect he is given. A being of nobility and restraint, he never seeks to destroy the masses nor control the mindless. Although the tone of his essence may appear raw and unforgiving, the caliber of his character lies in sincerity and earnest.

Arcanine: The spirit of White Winds, Arcanine is considered by many to be simply a legend. Steadfast and ingraven, Arcanine is an ancient spirit of both mastery and mythology, never hesitating to make his presence known when the condition of another is at stake.

Absol Absol is a tender spirit comprised of patience and reliability. Through years of adversity, Absol has developed a powerful voice of empathy, and a sincere sense of understanding. Although she may conduct herself in a bit of an elusive manner, her actions are always comprised of the purest intentions.
A personality trait she developed from the watchful care of her adoptive father, Arcanine.

Houndoom: Rough and more then a tad impulsive, Houndoom often acts on gut reaction. Understanding little regarding matters of the heart, he is non-the-less a great judge of character, and his hunches often prove correct. Impatient, and a bit abrasive, he has a hard time making friends, but he has little trouble keeping them.

Jolteon: A gentle and devout soul, Jolteon would truly do anything for the ones he loves. Tolerant and affectionate, Jolteon is charitable and compassionate by nature, never accepting more then he gives, and always giving far more then he takes. Vaporeon is the love of his life, and he would never ever forsake her.

Vaporeon: Motherly and inviting, Vaporeon's presence alone can puts others at ease. Compassionate and expressive, she truly comes alive when giving of herself to others. Vaporeon is simply the type of individual you can meet for a moment, and feel like you have known for a lifetime. With Jolteon at her side, Vaporeon can truly accomplish anything.

I feel this post is more then winded enough without adding the backstories behind all these Pokemon lol.
That said, I believe its fairly evident what drives each of them based on their stance and the object of their affection.

*hugs for everyone who read all of this*
And gomen as always for my corny nature~

** And for those who have noticed, yes I'm very aware Charizards scars are shown on two conflicting sides. Fact of the matter is I had a hard time fitting him comfortably in his cube, thus I had to flip his image. For all official purposes tho, his scars are on the LEFT side, as they are beside KioKun. Good eye for those who have noticed, and please refrain from commenting on this further**

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