Daphne and Leit Motif Picture

So, I really don't read a lot of fanfiction. There is this one though that I found about a month ago, which is awesome. It's called Through the Well of Pirene by Ether Echoes.

It's an adventure story that incorporates a lot of really interesting mythology. Without giving away the plot, the initial premise is a girl named Daphne trying to save her sister. It's very different from any other fanfiction I've read, in that it doesn't depend exclusively depend on the mane 6 for story elements, but uses them to help advance the plot. The characters in it are incredibly well written, and it's got some great world building.

I was bored and thought, hey maybe I should try some fanart of a fan work. How meta... Anyways, if you're bored and up for a good read, I definitely recommend checking it out.
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