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Okay so I excecuted a lot of them in this picture but I'm really happy with the way it turned out!

The Clefable is a strikingly intelligent pokemon. Some early cultures believed that they had come from another planet given their almost-human nature. The Clefable has two opposable thumbs and walks upright on two legs. They are known to gather in groups and sing to the stars with their young, and even bury their dead. Zoologists are baffled by the fact that they are not as advanced as we are. The Clefable simply is not interested in technology. Clefables make great companions to humans, and when trained can learn basic psychokinetic abilities.

The Ninetails is a gorgeous pyrokinetic hound that is littered throughout history as a religious symbol. The Ninetails is a very careful creature. They live in forests, mostly, and for obvious reasons, usually never use their powers unless they leave. In popular mythology, it is considered a sin to touch on of its 9 tails without permission. A young Ninetails, known as a Vulpix, only has 6 tails, but grows 3 more as it matures.

Despite the Wigglytuff's general kindness and gentle nature, they can be very aggressive when aggravated or surprised. Their fur is widely known as the softest you can find in the Kanto region. The Wigglytuff is well known for having one of the most gorgeous singing voices that an animal has ever evolved.

One of the largest bats in the world, and certainly very dangerous. The Golbat has a set of sharp fangs equipped with a poison that can cause paralysis or several kinds of illnesses. When training one, it is advised to be extremely careful with it unless you have raised it from a Zubat. The young form of a Golbat, known as a Zubat, is blind. In fact, its eyes do not even open until roughly a year after it is born. It sees like most bats do, by screeching and listening to the echoes of its surroundings.

As an infant, also known as an Oddish, it has a heart that pumps blood to the leaves on its back. As it grows, a type of bulb plant begins to expand from the leaves, and its heart rate slows. As a fully grown Vileplume, there is one large plant on its back that gives energy and life to the entire body. At this point its heart stops beating and it can live off of the plant alone. A vileplume can exude poisonous fumes from its plant when it's fully grown.

The parasect is a very large crustacious creature that often lives symbiotically with humans. The mushrooms on its back are treasured because they can be used in many various medicines.

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