Censored Picture

For those of you who have heard of SOPA and PIPA and are against them, this piece is for you. And if you want to let Congress know that you are against it, follow the link! [link]

Yes, I will be going on blackout tomorrow, so don't expect to hear from me.

If you want to join the project this is for, you can go read this journal: [link]

As far as my thinking for this... I thought and decided who better to represent being censored than Echo from Greek mythology? Cursed to only repeat others' words for the rest of her life. So here's my version of Echo and all the words rolling around in her head, unable to be voiced. Slowly descending into madness as the words keep running through her head, unable to leave her lips...

This is also sort of what may happen to me if I ever lose the ability to unleash my creative side. It frees me and keeps me balanced. With the internet, I can get so much feedback about it. I'd hate to lose that and the wonderful people I've met because of that.
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