Day 4- Naga (Hydra) Picture

I decided to do a twist on the naga and turn her into a full blown HYDRA!!!! In mythology hydra's were truly deadly monsters. Once they entered an area, they would consume and destroy all living things in their vicinity until it was a barren wasteland. Their poisonous breath and great size make them formidable adversaries. In addition, every time one of their heads was severed, they would grow two in its place.

This is Colossia. She was not always a towering monster. Colossia was once a member of one of the reptilian races of the Kalt peninsula in the west. She was a priestess of the primordial god of duality, Supokar. She was the head of her order and had no obligations to anyone but her deity and her cloister.

When rumors spread of a powerful demon spreading destruction across the peninsula, the cloister prayed to Supokar for guidance. The mysterious deity spoke to Colossia in a vision. It told her to take two of her most trusted priestesses to the graveyard of a once mighty hydra. With no time to lose, she and her sisters of the order made for the great reptile.

The hydra's bones and faded scales were scattered throughout the desolate valley. It had obviously been a creature of great size and devastation. Supokar spoke again, telling Colossia that the two priestesses must sacrifice themselves to her. They obeyed Colossia without question and gladly spilled their blood in the name of Supokar. It flowed into the young priestess, filling her with their energy. From the ground seeped the ancient blood of the hydra. It mingled with that of her sisters, giving her untold power. She grew to a titanic size, acquiring features of the long dead reptile. She grew two new heads that vaguely resembled the faces of the sacrificed priestesses. Colossia emitted a hissing scream that echoed across the valley, delighted at her magnificent new form.

Upon returning to the temple, Colossia found many of her order bowing before the demon, begging for mercy. The creature attacked the newly appeared hydra on sight. It had vastly underestimated Colossia's strength, and found itself being crushed by the hydra's tail. Colossia unleashed her poisonous breath, bringing the demon to a hideous end.

Her sisters stood in awe of Colossia's new form. It was then that Supokar spoke once again. The deity was furious at those that had lost faith in it and had cowed before the demon. Supokar instructed Colossia to do away with them as she saw fit. Colossia devoured them, leaving only the few who hadn't betrayed their cloister. A monstrous new hunger for destruction filled Colossia as she consumed her order. From that day forth, the enemies of Supokar would live in fear of Colossia the hydra.

Now the peninsula is a place of death and danger, where even the bravest of traveler is not likely to venture. The empty armor of countless warriors litters the temple of Supokar, now the lair of the hydra once more. Whispers of the cult's plans to seek new horizons now spread through the countries neighboring the peninsula. The will of Supokar brings Colossia to seek new territories, and that bodes ill for all.

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