Anhora as Pisces Picture

A painting of Anhora from "Merlin" as Pisces.

Acrylic on Canvas board, painted for the Drawmelot Zodiac Challenge

Some bits worked better than others, there was meant to be a fish embossed on the goblet to echo the real fish jumping above it, (so the Zodiac sign would be there), that didn't quite work, as I couldn't get the fish on the goblet to show up well enough.

The constellation in the sky is Pisces. He's got amethysts and aquamarines down the front of his robe, and moonstones dangling from his staff, (which are all Pisces birthstones). The irises at the front are one of Pisces' flowers.

Oh, and the fish in the background are salmon as they symbolised wisdom in Celtic mythology, and people born under Pisces are meant to be the most evolved and wisest of the Zodiac.
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