Echo and Narcissus 1 Picture

Echo is portrayed by Caesha. <3 Ohhhh yeah, in the first panel, w/ talk about Michale Cera.....umm....Caesha and I talk about guys. We havent talked about Cera, but I like him. <3 Yes, um, Caesha and I discuss her husband, Ron Weasly from Harry Potter and my boyfriend, N from pokemon black and white. Yes.
Anywho, I count greek myths as fairytales, so yeah...this is probably one of my top 5 fav greek myths.

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*ATTENTION*: There are different versions of many fairytales, so if this is not the one that you have originally heard of, please do not flame. Please keep in mind that I may have had to change them a tad to keep things child appropriate.
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