PiXeL JouRNey Picture

Characters: FRieND and EchO

Origin: Oblivia III-Orphans of War

Design: Default

Sound Orphans; FRieND and EchO. Bleh this one I started working on immediately after the fanart of EchO I received. However, as I started to add color I didn't really like it all that much and thus I took a long time doing it. But it's alright I guess, I have another work in progress too, that one should be better lol. Ugh and this camera, perspective, and lighting make me shiver but, at least I powered through it. One of those "IT LOOKS WAY BETTER IN PERSON, I SWEAR!" drawings again lol.

Inspired by the song "Pixel Journey" by Xillent.

(C) Michael Caraballo / AnimangaEmo

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