Gallente Federation Echo Picture

Gallente Federation Echo

Originally a pirate faction ship the designs for this monstrosity where intercepted by Gallante Federation Agents in an attempt by the pirates to forward the blueprints through the Everyshore Region. With the first direct collaboration between the Gallente Federation and Duvolle Laboratories the blueprints were decoded and this technological marvel was born.

20% Bonus to ECM Drone Disruption Strength and Durability per level
5% Bonus Damage to Medium Hybrid Turrets per Level
100% Bonus to Hull Repair Modules duration per Level.

8 High Slots (8 Turret/8 Launcher Hard points)
6 Medium Slots
3 Low Slots
400 Calibration Points (MAX 3 Medium Rigs)

My favorite ships to fly in eve are those break the norm and make your enemies scratch their heads in confusion.

The basic inspiration on this ship was a traditional Gallente Blaster Boat Platform with the flexibility to be actively hull tanked (living life on the edge) or shield buffer tanked. The Primary defense is ECM Drones with the ability to completely shut down your targets DPS.

The name Echo was inspired (like many of the other Gallente ship names) by Greek Mythology. She was a nymph known as the Goddess of Distraction, Misdirection and Incessant Jabbering. Fitting for a ship that would be as difficult to fly properly as a Curse and perfect representation of being in Jita local chat...
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