Echo Picture

This is a fairly old photo-manip I did when I was bored (what a shocker) when I saw the pose it reminded me of the old greek myth for Echo (if you don't know it then I'm sorry but it'd take forever to explain) but I'll abridge the myth:
Echo was a nymph how fell in love with a self-obsessed human male, who spent almost all his days sitting by a stream (or lake.. I can't remeber which) and looking at his reflection. He was handsome and Echo fell for him but he only cared about his own apperance and ltierally fell in love with his reflection. LITERALLY! and he turned her down and she got sad and depressed, so now the myth goes that she hides in caves and stuff cuz she's really angst-riden and was cursed to only repeat what others say (I can't remeber if she could actually talk or not before she got sad.... )

anyway, I that's pretty much all I remeber about the myth (come on, I haven't read it in like 5 years), it was actually one of the first stories I ever read and it always fascinated me(don't ask me why) and so I had this picture about Echo looking at her reflection wondering why he resfused her.

P.S. If I remeber correctly, the man died cuz he never left the bank of the stream cuz he'd fallen so deeply in love with himself he couldn't even look away ^^

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