Pop-up Book 3 Picture

For English Class, we had to make Greek/Roman Mythology Pop-up Books. Go figure. We had to include Gaea and Uranus, 5 of the titans, all 12 Olympians, Demeter and Dionysus, and a myth with poetry.

I took pictures of it, and split it into three sections. These are all the pages from the myth that I chose, Apollo and Daphne. You can probably find it on wiki if you're curious.

The sonnet in here, in case you can't read it, is:

Teased by Apollo, Eros in return
(then) Released two arrows, one lead, one gold
Causing all advances Daphne to spurn
And her suitor only to grow more bold.

Apollo followed her, begged her to stay,
But Daphne fled and evaded his suit.
Her feelings he was unable to sway,
And her dislike for him grew more acute.

But Daphne knew he was bound to catch her,
And so she turned to her father for aid,
Hoping to remove unwanted allure,
So to part of the forest she was made.

And the nymph became a Bay Laurel Tree,
But from Apollo she'd never be free.
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