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For the billionth (third) time, I'm a part of a Percy Jackson Role-Play forum over at ProBoards. This is another of my many characters. (I have six, most members have, like, two or three. I'm an overachiever.)

Character Info for Those who Care:
Name: Alexandre 'Alex' Sage
Age: 35
Immortal Parent: Dionysus
Play-by: Chris Pine
Status: Alive

Brief summary of Character:

He works at a demigod school called Silver Creek Academy (Abbreviated S.C.A.) as the History and Mythology teacher for Greece, Rome, and Egypt - the three main players in Hellenistic History. (Well, with the exception of the brief Macedonian take-over, which could be classified under 'Greek'. Long live Alexander the Great!)

Alex is just your average demigod. He grew up unknowing of what he was until the monsters attacked. He was sent to SCA as a student, graduated, and after his mother shut down her winery in California, he returned to Silver Creek and put in his teaching application.

As a teacher, Alex believes students should pass or fail based upon their commitment, as well as their grade. Because of this, he does very little to discipline his students. If they want to listen, they'll listen. His homework (which is practically non-existent) is very easy while his tests are a bit harder. His midterms and finals, however, are extremely difficult - he tells his students this at the very beginning of the school year.

As a bit of a side plot, he is the only one present when Juliette Isabella Capulet (a fellow teacher at SCA, who is amnesiac) jumps out a window and re-discovers her powers as the daughter of Aquilo - the Roman form of Boreas. It is revealed she is the sister of one of my characters, Zeke Winters (share both father and mother) and is actually the individual of which the tale of Romeo and Juliet is based upon. She was transported through time as a punishment/trial for dividing the gods Dionysus and Poseidon (Romeo and Paris, respectively).

Her older brother (now younger due to wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey interference) brother Ezekiel Capulet (my character's original, Roman name) was a runaway who was sent by Dionysus via Chronus, god of time, as a clue for Juliette to reveal her identity under the condition they be separated and arrive a few months apart, with their memory-removal differing, slightly, Zeke not even remembering his last name, but remembering his father (in Greek form), in its place.

Zeke is at the Camp, Juliette at the Academy. They'll meet during the war when they both travel to the Kingdom of Earth - a refuge for nature gods and demigods, alike, set up by Persephone and Demeter (and with the help of Poseidon, as well).

So, yeah, basically this character, himself, isn't a major player, yet, but I plan to escalate his importance, eventually. He'll probably become a close friend to Garret, a student and best friend of another of my characters, who is about to become a teacher after graduating. His girlfriend was recently murdered. Fun, fun.

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