Hermes Picture

so i had to do a project on Greek you can see, i chose the younger generation......i tried to include what they were god/goddess of and symbols.....

last but absolutely not least is Hermes!!!! was sort of the unpredictable trickster god.....god of herds and sheperds, messenger god, god of theives (not drawn here), protecter of travelers (not drawn here), guide to the underworld.....the mischeivious little god he was, on the day he was born he stole Apollo's heard of cattle, made them walk backwards to fool Apollo, and sacrificed two...he was then caught by Apollo and taken to Zeus to be judged but Hermes was let off and showed Zeus the 12 slices of beef for each of the Olympians.....Zeus was confused as to why there was 12 and Hermes answered that he was the 12 Olympian
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