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My "god self" Hades. It's a long story, but more or less it's because our lunch table decided to give each other Greek god names. My first choice was Ares, but then my [female] friend [~Kira1the1ninja] chose Aphrodite, and they were lovers, plus I'm a girl and I'm straight, so I changed to Hades. So far there's no Persephone, but there's a Shinigami [~mysslinhie] who works for me, but not in a wrong way. [like some people thought...]
We're trying to limit it to real life friends who all go to our school, but I'm still going to put the gods that are taken and stuff here just so you can get an idea of who we have and what kind of friends I have, I guess, but most of them don't have dAs
Zeus: taken, no dA
Poseidon: taken, ~Kalin27 [she might as well be inactive on dA, she hasn't gone on in months]
Dionysus: taken, this is the only god that's been genderbent, so this one is female, ~XxKoryxEclipsexX
Athena: taken, no dA
Aphrodite: taken, ~Kira1the1ninja
Hades: taken, myself
Shinigami: taken, ~mysslinhie
Persephone's mother: Unofficially named, ~greenapplepop [if the Persephone in this thing (mysslinhie and I started rping with these chars) was really like how they say she was, she would be Persephone, but since in the rp she's not, greenapplepop is Persephone's mom]
And that's it, there's a few friends that don't want to be anyone because either the one they wanted was taken or because most of the people did something they didn't like/would make it have some weird relationship thingy with someone else

All greek gods belong to... greek mythology?
all of these/our own versions of the greek gods belong to the person who is that god :3

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