Demeter Picture


1. Take the name of a character of yours and find out what it means. (I used Google for this.)
2. Go to [link] and type in the meaning of the name.
3. Draw your character in the second outfit that comes up. (If something that isn't clothes comes up, skip to the third.)

Dmitri patted down the thin fabric. He turned in front of the mirror to check himself.

"I dunno Dima, maybe you should of gone with Dionysus instead. What're they gonna say about you wearing a dress to school?" His brother Max stood at the door frame, biting his lip.

"I thought this was much more fitting." He pulled up the wayward strap. "And they cannot deny me entrance, not if Athena is there, anyway." Dmitri thought of the blonde sophomore boy dressing up.

"This Mythology Club stays true to its roots." Max chuckled and moved forward to pat his brother's hair down. "I bet when you get to Norse mythology, they'll all jump in joy to act out that poem with the gods crossdressing."

"Yes, I've been selected to be Loki."

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