My First Friends... Picture

I remember the good ol' days on flipnote Hatena...

@Dark Kiba, you're probably going to be the only one who remembers this...Maybe you too Alex-chan...

Yes. These were my first friends.
@Thiva-kun, yes, your father was one of my best friends. XD

I'm going to tell you some stuff I should've told you guys (Alex-chan and Dark Kiba) a year ago.

Alright, first is username origin: Hermes.
So, I really wanted a Greek mythology username, and couldn't possibly decide who. So, I took a quiz to see what god I would be online. Hermes is who I got. And the name stuck for over a year now X).

Secondly, my first favorite Greek GOD: it was APOLLO
Yeah, that's right. Apollo.

Thirdly: Designs

OH JEEZ, THIVA-KUN THIS IS FOR YOU!! Hades, let's start with him XD. He used to have mohawk shaped hair with black in the middle and red outline. And a tattered skull shirt. YEAH THAT'S RIGHT THIVA-KUN, A TATTERED SKULL SHIRT. He had red eyes. -,- Nuff said.

Hermes: He didn't really change much XD...

Dionysus: HE ALWAYS HAD PURPLE HAIR AND EYES, AND A FLIRTIOUS PERSONALITY! Always. Only thing that changed was that heart shaped curl.

Apollo: He's always had blonde hair. I don't know what kind of meds I was on, but for some reason, I make him a huge derp XD. He used to be so shy...

Ares: (Yes, this is the guy who Sparta has as a doll). Nothing really much, except removing that helmet...

YEAH...Dark Kiba is probably going to be the one who understands this...Sorry Alex-chan if you don't, but there are some things for Thiva-kun...XD

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