Favorable Picture

This is the PI version of Bran Faventinus, my second-newest character. (The newest being Flavia, who is a completely ordinary medic, rather shy, and doesn't do much in any story that I'm aware of yet. She looks cool, though.)

Bran rocks.
I've been having a bad couple of weeks lately (actually, a bad semester overall, but I'm on my way to recovery), and, this guy makes me so happy. I really hope I get to use him in canon!
So, didn't feel like trying to figure out foreshadowing for Iris today, so I drew this instead. And watched clay dry. And painted dry clay. And experimented with Chinese food. And avoided answering my voice mails (again.)

Cue tons of random disorganized facts based on all the frantic notes I've been taking. (Not even counting all the random notes I've taken on the Roman Households book I'm currently reading. Even though I prefer Greek mythology, Romans can be pretty hilarious, so I feel like it won't be too much of a task to educate myself on that side of things.)

He's Loki's grandchild through Aeron Michael's daughter Chamomile. Much later on, obviously. He's also related to Bacchus/Dionysus though his father's side of the family, and he takes much more after his father's side than any of his other relatives. I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know who his mother is or the identity of any of her relatives. Also, though Aeron Michael, he's related to Eros and Psyche, so, he's really won the genetic lottery as far as gods go. Through Aeron Michael's mate, Carnelia, he's related to Neptune/Poseidon.

I did up his family tree recently, and, I may put it up here eventually, but it's not that important.

He actually has a tattoo, but I haven't figured it out yet, so it's not on his PI form, either.

He can shapeshift into big cats, is pretty much immune to all kinds of poisonous or toxic chemicals, and vines obey him. He speaks Latin fluently and becomes the leader of a secret military organization modeled after Rome by the time he was eighteen years old. He doesn't do sarcasm. His eyes are usually bloodshot. He loves to throw celebrations; he's a great host. His favorite thing in the world is good news. He always wears his violet cloak. He likes to make friends with people before they're executed. He is an expert at cryptic conversations. He doesn't trust anyone related to Hermes/Mercury by default. He has met Ares/Mars.

He's pretty handsome in his human form. I don't think he got that from Loki's side of the family. I did a sketch of him like that, too, so hopefully I'll be able to put that up here some time. Just have to work out clothing details.

He doesn't use maybes, perhapses, or other expressions of doubt - or at least, very rarely. He freely expresses his opinions, and doesn't say anything in public that he wouldn't say in private. He despises politics but often is forced to deal with it. He is fascinated with the old stories and the heritage of his people. He has a nice smile, one that turns feral with amusement or excitement. He seems comfortable wherever he goes and exudes a sense of security and solidity. He has a great sense of sportsmanship and honor, but he's practical about it, too. He's an adequate liar, though he doesn't enjoy it. He's a good person to work under, as long as his subordinates understand he won't tolerate illegal activities. He has a good working intuition.
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