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She didn't reply and only gave me a hard, piercing glare, so I decided to continue.

"Were you raised in a dump?"

"EXCUSE ME?" she shouted while slapping me again.

"Sorry, nevermind. Don't take it personal- it's a child of the Big Three thing. Don't ask. By the way, are you adopted?"

For a while she violently stared at me in silence, but she finally grudgingly answered, "Yeah, they never told me, but it's extremely obvious. They're both Egyptian...and I'm not even remotely Egyptian. Why?"


We stood there in another silent moment until she blurted, "It's because you stupidly think that we're precious separated siblings, isn't it? Those kind of things only happen in movies and books, stupid!"

"Well," I gritted, really trying to hold my anger, "don't you want to know why I think we're twins, or at least related?"

She plopped herself down on the golden sand again and replied, "No, it's probably for really pathetic and feeble-minded reasons anyways."

Her name is Pearlcilina and she is from my fanfiction about Percy Jackson: [link]

She has sea-green eyes and black hair. <sarcasm> -GASP- Is she a Daughter of Poseidon? Even better, is she Percy's twin? </sarcasm>

Poor girl, really, she's just confused about this whole Greek Mythology thing. It's even worse when you have someone like Percy introducing you to it.
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