Ponysona 4: Pinkie Pie Picture

I wasn't going to upload this in this state because I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it... but I wanted to share it with someone and I can't get my photobucket account to work so.... surprise?

About a year ago I started work on a rather embarrassing Persona 4/My Little Pony crossover fanfiction. Thankfully I never had the time to get it off the ground, but I still liked some of the concepts I came up with. I felt like drawing some of the things I had designed.

Persona is (in the loosest terms) like a kind of spiritual Pokemon. Characters summon an avatar of their inner selves (called a Persona) in order to fight, and they take the form of mythological figures. In Persona 4, before characters can awaken their Persona they have to overcome their inner darkness and master their Shadow, which is like a twisted version of themselves and their potential Persona. It's made up of their inner secrets that they are most afraid of.

I designed Personae and Shadows for the mane six in preparation for the fanfic, but again it never happened. Still, I thought it would be fun to share.

Pinkie Pie's Persona is Dionysus. I know that Dionysus is a god and not a goddess, but there has only ever been one non-Wildcard Persona I know of that was the opposite gender of it's master and I didn't want to break that trend, so I made him into a her. Her Arcana is The Star, and she would have been the first character to awaken their Persona (after Twilight Sparkle, who was going to be the protagonist). Her Shadow embodied her greatest fear, that her friends really didn't like her and they were just playing along with her as a joke. Her shadow was supposed to be like a literal "Party Animal," because she was worried that if she stopped throwing parties her friends would leave her. She's being held together by the need to party... or at least that's what I tried to show, I don't know if it turned out.

This took two pages to draw so I don't think I'll be coloring it any time soon XD I'll probably move it to scraps eventually. I may do the others, I may not.

Pinkie Pie © Hasbro
Persona concept © Atlas
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