teumessian fox Picture

hmm...the teumessian fox....I decided to experiment...here's the result...anyway, here's some stuff from wiki:
In Greek mythology, the Teumessian fox[1] or Cadmean vixen, was a gigantic fox that was destined never to be caught. The fox was one of the children of Echidna. It was said that it had been sent by the gods (perhaps Dionysus) to prey upon the children of Thebes as a punishment for some national crime. Creon, the then Regent of Thebes, set Amphitryon the impossible task of destroying this beast. He discovered an apparently perfect solution to the problem by fetching the magical dog Laelaps, who was destined to catch everything it chased. Zeus, faced with an inevitable contradiction in fate due to their mutually excluding abilities, turned the two beasts into stone. The pair were cast into the stars, and will remain there forever more.

....I luvs greek mythology <3
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