Hephaestus: April Hiatus Picture

Hey folks,
Sorry about this but this April I really need to focus on my school work here in college. As such, I may need a month off of making Hephaestus in order to commit to other projects such as an upcoming New York University Comic Book Leauge issue of the Manhattan Whale and a one-shot I am doing for another class. In addition, I need to bring up my Mandarin Chinese grade so I don't have to repeat a language requirement next semester and I need to get my GPA for my Psych classes up too.

I know it sounds like a lot of whining on my part, so sorry about this. I really hate to put this series on a short hiatus but I think it's necessary with what's going on with my life.

I hope to be coming back to making Hephaestus comics soon and I hope to see you guys then.

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