Nelly: Hephaestus Picture

My first drawing of the 12 Major Greek Gods: Hephaestus
a God who works as a Blacksmith to the gods and is also the God of Fire

Just pretend those hay looking things are flames I'm no good at drawing Flames so here, have some Hay looking Flames lol XD and was going to make a staff of fire but forgotten he carries a hammer and thus creating The Hammer Staff of Fire.....Ridiculous I know......and PLEASE! don't Lecture me about the clothing.....LOL I know it kind of looks like a wrapped around towel XD LOL......and one more thing if you see a mistake in Nelly's appearance, I'll make you a drawing...

Why I Chose Nelly as Hephaestus?
Nelly is a strong, willed brother, that helps around in his brothers' lab and build things for them, basically he's a slave to Red and Candy.......

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Nelly: Hephaestus
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