King Midas Picture

A semi-portrait I did of my beloved Midas, as the mythological King Midas, for our one-year anniversary.

The story on the parchment in English:
Midas, king of the Phrygians, received from the god Dionysus, god of the wine, one wish. King Midas wished that everything he touched would turn into gold. Soon after Midas realized how foolish he had been. He traveled to the river Paktolos to wash off the curse. Ever since Midas hated all wealth and wandered through the woods and fields. One day he attended a musical combat between Pan and Apollo. All agreed that Apollo had won, except for king Midas, on which Apollo gave him a pair of donkey's ears as a punishment.

It is a very brief summary of the actual story, if you want to read a more detailed story of the mythology of king Midas, I suggest you go to wikipedia or buy a mythology book. The latter is probably a better option, for wikipedia usually tells chaotic contradicting story that is quite hard to understand, while a book gives you a solid story.

This was made with oil paint on wood, with a layer of acrylic paint underneth the oil paint. I also painted the sides of the wood along with it, because I and my beloved Midas had come to agree, sometime before I started working on this, that paintings of which you could see the side of the canvas not being painted weren't quite as great. It somehow breaks the 'illusion' of that which you are looking at.

I worked on this from somewhat Septembre to Decembre 2011. It was my first painting with oilpaint ever, and my fourth serious painting with whatever kind of paint.

I might put on some detail shots later.
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