Sketches 2 Picture

Well, been practicing different head-types and stuff. How did it go?
Also, what is that in the bottom left corner? *u* Is it....? Could it be....? Yes, I'm actually dissing the God of War series there. Can't see the text? Here:
New God of War Mary-suism: Destroys the world for not being able to sleep properly
King of the Gods: Banishes a dozen Titans at the same time with a sword. Can't kill a mortal with the same sword
Goddess of Wisdom Treachery: Gladly helps father get killed after heroically sacrificed herself for his survival for the first time
God of War: Viking dude with MOFing spiderlegs (???!!!!!)
Holder of the Sky Scratch that, apparently the Earth
God of the Underworld: Bloody, spiky, raw meatball with a fireplace for a head
God of Thieves, Messengers nad Travelers: Can't see a 3-ton boulder flying towards him
Mother Earth: Got degraded into a Titan

Also, some Megaman slipped in too.
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