Hephaestus: Ch05-01 Picture

And so the Return to the series begins

I don't like making excuses, but I know I took a few more months for my break than expected (a quarter of a year of all things!)

Around the time I finished the one shots She's So Bubbly [link] and Manhattan Whale Year One [link] and finished the last of my finals I was striken by a weird flu that gave me hiccups as well, lasting for several weeks. Afterwards, I went to Canada to travel with no access to a good scanner and coming back to the States my parents wanted to move to the other side of town so I had to help them out with that.

As one can image, life's been pretty hectic for me. BUT, I managed to get everthing together now, so without further ado I can continue the long awaited Chapter 5...

Also, first on page scene of Athena
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