Orion Picture

I honestly have no clue where to put this category-wise.

For my Greek Mythology class, we had a review project where we had to pick from a number of stories and present it, somehow. I liked the story of Orion, and I had an EXCELLENT idea of how to make a modern day video of it. I had everything planned - then my siblings dropped on me. So on Sunday, I had to whip up a drawing in a couple hours (sketch and ink) and then color it the next morning before going to school (it was due on Monday, and that explains why the color is so sloppy.) We had the option of creating a movie poster, so that's what I chose.

I still enjoyed what I drew very much. The guys actually look like guys!.. I take that back, everyone keeps thinking Dionysus is a woman. But that's how they're represented, in sheets and dresses. I really love Artemis. I used a pose of Adiane the Elegant from Gurren Lagann (Vol. 4) to base it off of. It cuts off before her feet though, AND I HATE DRAWING FEET. But considering Artemis, plus the fact she's a Goddess, she probably didn't wear shoes.

And Aero looks like a transvestite.

(From left to right: Artemis, Orion, Aero, Dionysus.)
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