Series Hermes Picture

Here's the fourth PRC Auxiliary zord, and one of my personal favorites so far, The Road Divine Beast of Hermes, the Tortoise. It is said that the concept of roads and paths were born from the gaps in its shell. I had trouble deciding on a color, but finally, Tan is the color of Hermes and his symbol are his winged sandals. The Road Divine Beast forms a Helmet, Staff, and Roller Blades for the megazord. The shell splits into two, and the legs fold under so the wheels are facing down. The head and tail stretch to form a staff, the wings on the head folding down. I'm thinking the staff would be made of a sorta spiraling metal look, which would account for the snakes on Hermes' caduceus, and for when the staff unwraps onto a chain whip and the wings swivel up to form the blade. I just love Chain whips XD

The Beast belongs to Hayden, who then gains the abilities of Super-Speed(Hermes was the messenger god) and the ability to speak, and read any language(Hermes was also the Bridger of Gaps). Since he's the God of roads and travel as well, Hayden will probably gain some sort of inner GPS, where he knows the exact location, speed, and direction he is or going. Hayden summons the Beast by typing 1-2-8 on the I-Phone and saying, "Road Divine Beast, Awaken!" The Divine Beast statue, located at the entrance to Hayden's Underground Sanctuary, comes to life. It enters the real world through Speed/Travel and the like, and so Hayden super speeds around in a circle, creating a funnel where the Beast emerges from. It may be a Tortoise, but it's far from the slowest of the Zords. It can withdraw into its shell and spin around like nobody's business, which basically makes it=super speedz. Hayden presses 1-2-5 and star to have it combine with the megazord.

Hayden enters the local X-Games, where he meets, who he thinks, is the girl version of him, for the most part, and they quickly become friends. She's an amazing skater, and uber-fast, both on the skates and off. He also notices she's adept at stealing, and not just stealing the win. When he notices her stealing food from a local market, he chases her down(though VERY difficult) to find she was going to give it to the people who needed it. She says she hates how everyone who's accepted by society gets everything, but the rest have to fight for it. She favors those above the rest, and steals to give to them. The finals of the X-Games, and Kronos sends MotoCyclone(idk if that's been used for a monster name XD) to ruin it and to capture the Godly spirit he suspects is in the area. Come to find out, the Godly spirit is the girl Hayden met. She agrees to will him the Godly spirit of her father, Hermes, and with that, the Rangers fight MotoCyclone, until he grows big, and his MotoCross Dirtbike morphs into a full blown chopper, and he races across the globe, leaving a trail of fire everywhere his bike races. They need speed, and the answer is the Road Divine Beast!

The Finisher's title so far is "Chains of Caduceus". The Rangers fight with the Staff for most of the time in this form, but for the finisher, the staff changes to a chain whip. (I FREAKIN' LOVE THEM. They are so epic. <3) The rangers spin the chain around, then shoot it at the monster. It wraps around it, and they fling the monster into the air. I've decided that each of the finisher's will have the God's spirit in some way, so like for Hephaeustus, an Orange-colored spirit of the Forge God will materialize from the megazord, and he'll form the pillars of lava. Dionysus, Purple-Colored spirit of the Wine God steps out and causes the grape vines to grow. Athena, gray-colored spirit of the War Godess shoots out with the green gorgon energy beam. For Hermes, the tan spirit of the Messenger God flies out and manifests a ramp leading skyward. The rangers skate for it and are sent flying up into the air above the monster. They spin and kick the monster toward the ground, then spin the chain arond them in crazy ways, yelling "Chains of Caduceus!" then the chain shoots out and impales the monster, speeding up their decent and pinning them to the ground. The rangers pull on the chain and hurdle toward the monster on the ground with their leg outstretched Rider-kick style, and CURBSTOMP. One of my favorite finishers.

Hope nya like ^3~)b Next Up, most likely the Lunar Divine Beast, but first I need to decide on what exact animal to make it XD
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