Dionysos Picture

Dionsysos, or Bakkhos. Bacchus, or Liber, if you're Roman.

Son of Zeus and the mortal princess (later deified) Semele...who exploded. Then lil' Dio-fetus gets carried to term in Zeus' leg. It's a funny story.

Dio is god of general indulgence, mind-altering substances, hallucinations, and parties. He's very popular.

I was consciously thinking of Caravaggio's "Bacchus" (which is, like, my favorite-ever image of the god.) He ended up looking suspiciously like my booze-lovin' gourmand friend, though. Like, entirely, but with purple hair. I laugh. (He is flattered, though, so it's okay. He's drawn himself as Bacchus.)
"The nocturnal rites performed every year in honor of Dionysus I must not divulge to the world at large."
~Pausanias, Guide to Greece 2.37.6

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