Two Hephaestus es (DC's New 52) Picture

Read the newest Wonder Woman comic (New 52 issue 7) and I really dig the new Hephaestus. Given the purple and campy Disney version, the closer to original but still off God of War version, the pervert Marvel comics version, the Xena version that exist to only be killed off and others, this version of Hephaestus has got to be my favorite as of now.

Azzarello and Chiang, though changed too much of the Wonder Woman mythos from my original draw to Wonder Woman, have my kudos for their redesigned version of Hephaestus. Not to spoil anything for those who haven't read it yet, but they made him a compassionate talented craftsman deity, which what made me like Hephaestus to begin with

New 52 Hephaestus belongs to DC Comics
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