PRC Weapons Deux Picture

So, for most of the series, the rangers fight with their normal god weapons. After Afton receives the spirit of Apollo, the music his lyre plays is so heavenly that it breaks the spell Kronos has over Aaron. From this point on, he begins to see things for himself. Being a naturally good and caring person, he has all these visions and memories of him doing terrible things and doesn't want them. But also, now that the spell is broken, he can think more clearly, hence thinking like a better soldier than ever. He continues the rouse of his loyalty to Kronos and the generals, but really wants to help the Centurions in any way he can. That's why when he suggests to Asteria a monster immne to the rangers' weaponry, he has a plan behind it all. While the rangers suffer a few losses at the hands of the new monster, Aaron uses that as a distraction for him to search out the long lost mixture of Greek Fire, the legendary incindiery that could burn even on water. While the rangers continue to lost against the new mnster, Minnie works tirelessly with Hector, the son of Hephastus, to create new weapons using the new godly spirits the rangers have found. When they still can't quite work it out right, Aaron shows up on Minnie's doorstep, saying his spell has been broken and he wants to help. He offers the recipe for Greek Fire as his olive branch, and together the three of them create the rangers' new weapons. The monster is just about finish the rangers when Aaron comes to the rescue clad in his ranger armor and fights back against the monster. Kronos tries to strengthen his hold on Aaron but he finds it broken. Aaron turns to the rangers and helps the up, apologizing deeply for his actions and offering them his help. Everyone at first hates him still and doesn't want to believe he's changed, except that Afton, able to sense emotions and now able to read minds on top of that, insist he is good. They reluctantly agree based on Afton's word, and once he is accepted by the ranger, Afton's morpher changes from black and red to white and red, changing from T-Phone Red to I-Phone red. Aaron brings with him their new weapons. Since their old weapons were melee, minnie designed the new ones to be ranged weapons, now imbud with the possibilities of Greek Fire. Asteria sends Kokala to try and aid the monster, and it's time to show off their new weapons 8D

So, beginning with Zoe's weapon. The FlameForge Hammer is the weapon of Hephastus. Think of it much like Thor's Hammer, in that Zoe can control it as it flies through the air. It is capable of minor sesmis activity and sending spouts of lava and flame into her enemies.

The Bacchus Blasters are the weapons of Dionysus, belonging to Pogue. Twin handguns, the blasters fire rounds of energy rapidly, but also can be used for hand to hand combat, due to the bayonet-esque blade attached to them. Not gonna lie, based this alot off the Gunblade from Adventurequest XD

Hayden receives the Chain of Caduceus(going with a sword of pardolis vibe, as in the megazord weapon and weapon itself are named the same XD), a chain whip...because I love Chain Whips...of the god Hermes. It can also be used as a quick dagger. The chain can extend alot.

The Moondeam Bow belongs to Demi, and is the weapon of Artemis. It fires rays of moonlight like any bow, but it is also bladed and, like the rest of the weapons, can be used for hand to hand as well.

Afton gets the Sunray Guitar, a weapon of Apollo. By strumming its chords, Afton fires harmful soundwaves that destroy Kokala on contact. Also, when he doesn't have the time to pump out a power ballad, The blades edges make a good claymore type weapon.

Below all of them is a sketch of the combination....meant to look like a crossbow-like thing. Basically, the guitar docks on top of the hammer, The bow attaches to the guitar's neck, the blasters separate from their grips, attaches to the bow on either side of the guitar and the grips combined to form the grip of the weapon below the hammer's head, and finally the chain whip is retracted and set on the guitar like a runway ala Go-On yellow's weapon. I call it! THE GREEK FLAMETHROWER! The Centurions call out the name, then yell, "Launch!" The blade of the chain whips shoot out and wraps/stabs itself(stil deciding on this one) around the enemy, keeping them in place for the finisher. The rangers yell. "Firing up!" and Zoe places her hand over the chain whips handle. It bursts into glowing green flame(greek fire) and the rangers yell, "Ignite!" The flame travels down the chain to the monster, where it immediately explodes from attack of sheer awesomeness.

Hope ya like! Tomorrow I'll try to post the next drawing!
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