Mythological Winter Picture

~.Zoom in twice for details.~

Sooo... I found these random shots from last year's winter and thought I could make something out of them. It's strange how in winter everything seems to stand still, yet in the warmer months even these statues made of dead stone seem to be alive, hm.

Four out of 32 sculptures in the Garden of Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna. Here a small map of Schönbrunn's Great Paterre showing their positions:…

1) "Spring": Flora sculpted by Johann Wilhelm Beyer

Flora was the goddess of flowers and spring, who was first given a temple in 238 BC near the Circus Maximus. Celebrations (the floralia) were held there in her honor every spring from April 28th to May 3rd. She was married to Flavonius, the wind god, and her companion was Hercules.

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