Self-styled Dieties Picture

Millenium, the villains from Hellsing (the manga), made-up as Greek/Roman gods and goddesses -- the title means they're so intoxicated with hubris that they think they have the right to play god with peoples' lives.

Left to right:
Zorin is Athena/Minerva, goddess of war (and other, more positive things, but just war here).
Doc is Hephaestus/Vulcan, weapons-builder.
Shrodinger is Hermes/Mercury, messenger.
Major is Dionysus/Bacchus, and also Silenus: he gives his worshippers wine that drives them insane and makes them eat human flesh -- he's sitting on a blindfolded ass.
Captain is Ares/Mars, god of war.
Rip van Winkle is Artemis/Diana, huntress.
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