28 and 29/30 Another double one. I still feel bad for spamming your inboxes with this crap. :[

Crappy 15? minute sketch of one of my favorite [Greek myths] - The story of the Teumessian fox and Laelaps the hound.

I'm not sure who came first, but the Teumessian fox was a giant fox that was sent by Dionysus to kill Theban children for being little bitches. The thing about the fox was that it had the ability to never be caught. By anyone or anything.
Laelaps was a gift from Zeus to Europa who had the ability to catch whatever he hunted. Do you see where this is going? ;o

Creon gave Amphitryon the task of capturing the fox.. which was, duh, impossible. But Amphitryon was like NO U and set Laelaps on the hunt for the fox. A very perplexed Zeus was like.. WTF HAVE I DONE and noticed that this is a PARADOX!!!11 and he turned them both to stone. Way to go Zeus! You're an idiot!

So ..yes. One more. Omg. And an hour to do it. GO GO GO.

.05 mech pencilDLFSKJADS;LFK!
Image and artwork © 2006 to *pandorabox

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