Messy Sketches Picture

These are several of the sketches I drew last month when I wasn't able to post anything... and this isn't even all of them. It's only like half or maybe two thirds... somewhere along that line lol

Just about the whole first row is concepts for different outfits for Adrian (I'm working on an outfit meme for him) and Annabeth and Percy in Adventure Time style. In the second row, I've got genderbent Annabeth in Tartus (just his head anyway), an OC chibi, a chibi of what I really (sorta) look like, Ares, and a random doodle of a couple. In the last row I have Will Solace (just his head), a chibi Apollo, even more Kaiba sketches, and more Greek Modernology headshots including, Apollo, Dionysus, Ares, and Hades.

Yeah, I need to go finish up some commission sketches, and maybe a new chibi button sketch. Then I'll probably go work on inking some of the more simpler pieces here to keep my accounts alive lol
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