SoA: The Gang's All Here Picture

Here are all the characters to my PJatO fic!

I am really proud of how this came out. I think I captured all of them just the way I wanted to in my head.

First up is the main character, Flynn Winchester, Son of Artemis. He\'s the one with his arms crossed in the center, looking skeptically over to his friend. His typical dress is a pair of black, form-fitting jeans, converse, his amp half-blood t-shirt, with a gray plaid button up worn over it. His Dagger, Crescent Fang, has a hilt shaped like a wolf\'s head and can hide itself as a choker necklace around his neck. His piercings -- an eyebrow ring on his left brow and a dime sized gauge in his right ear, to name two -- are memories of his battle scars. He and his father hunted monsters during their childhood. His father was a mortal marine turned hunter with the gift of sigh. He used this gift to hunt monsters. For ingenuity and selflessness, even though he was a man, Artemis blessed him with a child, a \"Spoil of the hunt\". This child would grow to help him on his hunts. Flynn doesn\'t even realize he\'s a demigod until Annabeth, on the lookout for the Roman Demigod camp, finds him in San Francisco, where he has been living on his own for six years. Flynn bears many similarities to a wolf cub. Only 16, he\'s still young at heart and likes to have fun, but he can switch in an instant to a cold, calculating hunter. So far, Flynn has shown excellence in long-ranged weaponry, extraordinary tracking and hunting ability, and the power to emit moonlight from his palms. Also, as another quaint little coinkidink, Flynn is gay. Artemis did not want him corrupting any maidens, and I picture Artemis as the paranoid type that will thinking everything that could go wrong will go wrong. So everything worked in her favor. Flynn won\'t be corrupting any maidens any time soon. He\'s very quiet about who he really is, because frankly he doesn\'t feel people need to know about it. He\'s a hunter first and foremost.

Next up, beside him, is Kale Samson, Son of Heracles. Kale starts off as an undetermined camper, but no one could explain his great strength. Flynn ends up bunking next to him while Flynn is still undetermined, and when Flynn is claimed and given a quest, Kale jumps on the chance to go with him on it. This is his chance to prove to his father that he\'s worthy of being claimed. He\'s very quiet, and likes to keep to himself. The only person he really ever talked to was Flynn. He has the uncontrollable urge to help anyone in need. He can\'t not help someone, he is physically unable to. This turns out to be his fatal flaw, as Heracles has become the God of Heroes. All of Heracles\' children cannot physically hold themselves back from helping someone, even if it\'s as little as opening a jar to as huge as offering up their life to protect someone. His club, disguised as a silver lion keychain, has two markings on it, each representing a labor that Kale has completed. Kale must complete his father\'s labors over again to be recognized as a true son of Heracles. He opens up to Flynn and Thalia Grace, the third quest member, more so than anyone else, but especially Flynn, though he can\'t figure out why. His silver track jacket is actually the Nemean Lion\'s fur, which he won after defeating the Lion, like his father. It\'s his own bulletproof shield. Where the ADIDAS symbol would be, it has the head of a lion with NEMEAN beneath it, instead.

The girl in silver is Thalia, the only quest character that isn\'t an original character of mine. You all know Thalia. No introduction needed. When Flynn arrives at Camp, the Hunters are there too. When Flynn is claimed, she\'s less than enthusiastic, but when she hears that Artemis is in danger, she appeals to Flynn to let her accompany him on his quest. She\'s the level-headed, professional of the quest group, as the other two usually have no idea what they\'re doing. I pictured her in all silver and white athletic equipment. This is what I picture the hunters wearing. Sensible, but regal enough that people know they are the handmaidens of Artemis.

Beside her is Jagmund Leopold, Son of Dionysus. After the Battle of Manhattan, Castor was the only Son of Dionysus, but when the Gods made their oath, Dionysus only had one unclaimed child. We\'ll find out why in a special sequel coming up IMEANWUT Jag was the only one that wasn\'t claimed. He is Flynn closest friend when he arrived at camp. He fills him in on everything that\'s happened and acts as expositionary exposition in expositionville USA. His personality is accurately described as \"All the world\'s a stage\". He approaches everything as if it were a movie or a play -- best plotline, coolest backstory, what would win all the awards. He acts his way through everything, and is always looking to entertain or be entertained. His watch, Delirium, changes appearance with his mood, and when he spins the clock face, it will turn into a different weapon depending on the mood he\'s in.

Across from Kale is Trixie Hayden, Daughter of Aphrodite. She\'s short but powerful. She acts like a princess, but she gives all of the Ares kids a run for their money in wrestling. She has a penchant for it, enough to earn the respect of the Ares Cabin. Other than that, she is as dainty and regal as they come. She always flirts, which is how she often gets her way so easily. She\'s Flynn\'s other friend, and, as a daughter of Aphrodite, she knows love. Trixie is the only one who knows Flynn\'s secret so far, but she knew by just looking at him. She can tell things like that.

Finally, Nicole Tennant, Daughter of Ares. She appears with Jag the first time she meets Flynn, and it is apparent right away that the two of them are always at odds with each other. She gets angry at everything, as her temper, like most Ares kids, is not as patient as most. She gets hr angriest, though, when people mention her middle name. Which is an eastern egg you may find out sometime soon. She is also on good terms with Trixie, as they always choose each other as sparring partners, something that everyone still is befuddled about.

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