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Yeah, she's cute, idn't she. You'd never know that she's just such a little problem. Oh, she always means well, but when you take a Tiefling out of its pack family and put it into ordinary society....

Let me explain Tieflings to those who don't know about them.

D&D books mostly say that the Tieflings are descended from the mating of a human and an "evil outsider", which is a term for demon types. They are rare, so they don't normally find many of their own kind to run around with. They're loners and outcasts, and often enough their owns parents kill them at birth out of horror at their physical alterations..

We have a different type of Tiefling in our game though.
We like to view them more like the Bacchae or the Euripides. That would be from Greek and Roman mythologies. They were the children and/or consorts of the party god, Dionysus (Bacchus). We don't actually call them the Bacchae, but we model them the same way.
Our version of Tiefling are all about wine and dance and songs... Parties. Usually anyone can join these parties. But they literally go on forever... and can get dangerous for outsiders. In a frenzy, they will tear a creature apart, completely unaware of themselves. If you try to take a Tiefling from it's group it can become homicidal. And if they rest of the group notices, you're scr*wed. They have pack mentality, and while they can be very, very friendly and fun to be around at first, you should never over stay your welcome... Or stay too long at all.
They're small and often beautiful, usually with delicate horns, cat-slitted eyes, fangs, slightly pointy ears and odd, brightly colored skin. They're very social, loving to gossip, sing, play games and jokes, and tell stories. They're easily distracted, especially by shiny things. The one major thing is that they're either empathic or psychometric, or both. (That means they can sense someone's emotions or learn things about them just by touching)

It's very rare and weird to see a Tiefling away from it's pack, which is why Fawna is so different.
even though she's still easily distracted and always loves a good party and gossip, she doesn't seem to have the frenzied tenancies. She does have the need to be around people and make lots of friends, but she's constantly going off and getting into trouble alone. she really loves to spy and snoop around. She just can't sit still!

Fawna has vividly red skin, red hair and bright purple eyes. And the game master decided she was really, really busty. Can you picture that?

(sing it if you know the words)
Fawna and her story © Luis Martinez & Juli Shelton
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