Fruitful Sins Picture

This drawing was drawn for the seven deadly sins contest: [link]

The sins are represented here in many different ways. The picture is supposed to be under the tree from the garden of Eden, which was where original sin took hold in this world in the form of the apple and Eve. The different fruits on the tree represents a different sin.

Blueberries = Sloth

Apples = Wrath - note: the apple was also used in greek and roman mythology to represent wrath, for it was the war god Mars/Ares who had a sister by the name of Eris that had a golden "apple of discord" that would leave a trail of wrath in its wake.

Grapes = Gluttony - note: grapes are used to make wine and wine is considered a "leisurely" drink. One drinks wine to be "fancy" if you will. Grapes and Wine were held in high regard in ancient civilizations, and the Romans even dubbed a wine god, Dionysus

Bananas = Greed - it was hard to find a fruit that would properly represent greed within the garden of eden. As I thought about it, the color yellow represents greed, so why not a banana? And then I got to thinking about how stingy monkeys are with their bananas, so why not?

Cherries = Lust - this one is kind of obvious. Lust is often confused with love when felt in a physical state. Cherries seem to hold all that is "sexy" within their shape and form (especially when held in the mouth - the cherry becomes a temptation saying "come and get me - kiss me.") Red is commonly considered the "sexy" color and as appealing as cherries may seem to the taste buds, like lust, they often contain a hard, mean pit.

Oranges = Pride - oranges are such a brilliant orange. I can so picture an orange being vain. I can hear it saying: "Oh, my pores are so open! I don't want a single pulp to drip out!" I also pictured the orange as "wearing" its peel. It's peel simply is its vain attempt to cover up the pulpy and juicy innards.

Limes = Envy - green has always been associated with envy, and so it was a MUST to pick a green fruit. Here I chose the lime for it is sour, just the way envy leaves one feeling.

There is also symbolism in the children. They represent innocence. Notice how their wrists are tied together by the snake. The snake represents the snake of the garden of eden (ie the Devil) that fills all humans' minds with temptation to follow the wrong path. The snake has the innocent children bound by the wrists in their fate to follow in all of humanity's steps in the sinful path.

I know that the picture is grainy, but I did this while on vacation and did not have all the available tools that I needed to accomplish it. I hope that you enjoy it, though!

Best of Wishes
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