Cross. - Possessed Kokitsune Picture

I was inspired to some crossover art, so yeah.

I also tried to keep Samurai Jack style here, but it's "mission impossible" for me. XD
If Kokitsune was in SJ, she'd be the mythical lynx:

From Wikipedia:
The Lynx is an elusive, ghost-like animal that sees without being seen. Often called "the keeper of secrets of the forest", its magical appearance stems from the mystery that such a creature's secrecy can also be its strength. The Lynx teaches us that even the smallest can succeed in life, and that the world can unfold itself to those who stop and listen.

The lynx is not a guardian of secrets so much as the one who knows them, especially when it comes to those secrets that are either obscured by time and space or are completely lost to the world. The lynx is therefore associated with divination and clairvoyance. Those who seek the lynx may find difficulty in getting it to cooperate. Just because the lynx knows secrets does not mean it wishes to share them. Only by respecting the lynx's behavior and listening carefully may one begin to receive an answer.

This power and ability to remain unseen attracted ancient warriors to adopt the lynx and, thus, they believed, its nature. Cunning, solitary hunters, lynx have large eyes and a keen sense of hearing which enables them to hunt at night.

Those who have been touched by the lynx's presence may be given a boon and bane. A lynx may guide the listener to a secret, whether it be a lost object or a hidden truth that is somehow relevant at the present time. On the other hand, the lynx may be an omen to warn those who have somehow betrayed the confidentiality of oneself or others.

The lynx is associated with Dionysus and Lugh.

So well, she would be a sort of "Guardian of Secrets". Aku, knowing that she knows how to make Jack return to his era, sends a part of him that tries to take over her mind and body. She tries to resist, but she can only stop him for half. She knows that, in that way, he will soon know all her secrets, so she waits for Jack to defeat, or to kill her, so her secrets will remain secrets.

They both are called, by the many who heard of their existance, "Harut and Marut" (In mythology, they are two angels mentioned in the second Surah of the Qur'an, who were sent down to test the people at Babel or Babylon by performing deeds of magic).

Kokitsune (c) me
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