Mission 1 - Pregnancy desires Picture

The first mission of Foster and John. Taking care of a pregnant maenad (maenads are like female satyrs, the nymphs that worship Dionysus).
And I got a little distracted while doimng this, so Foster speaks Portuguese in the last panel... he says:
' "Fribol-grapes: Kind of grapes found inside de genitals of a goat..." What does she want "Fribol-grapes" for???'
So, it's like he's reading a book about magical plants in Portuguese. And the thing that John the kitsune is holding is a phone, by the way.
Done while listening to: Ashley Tisdale's Kiss the Girl; Christy Charlson Romano's Say the Word; Avril lavigne's Keep Holding On; Da Weasel's Dialectos de Ternura; Hilaey Duff's Wake Up
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