Shayla-Aow Picture

Name: Shayla Peterson
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Young Satyr
Sponsor: Dionysus
Personality: She is smart, cute and a total teenager. Well, she loves hot guys -who doesn't-, She's is a reall' teen girl. She can be very bossy and stubborn at times, when things don't go her way.She is abit of a bookworm, which is pretty surprising since she is one of those girls you wouldn't see as being a "smarty pants".
Speaking of which she loves smarrrtttieeesss(!), especially the red ones-you think she was addicted...- She just can't get enough of them. She just loves chocolate, full-stop.
History: She was brought up in the 21st century. She was adopted and she has no idea who her real parents are...(^^)
She lived a normal life up until she was 15, when her legs slowly started to change. The Aow found intrest in her and accepted her into the school, partly because of her changing legs.
Preffered weapon: THE whip
Ability:she can make thing grow faster
Classes:Rituals and temple works,Battle strategy,Mythology and history,whip,healing
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