one really smashed satyr Picture


Just a satyr who drank too much wine. This is the clean version. A dirtier version would have been a couple satyrs orgying it up with some nymphs. AHAHA QUITE THE AMOROUS ONES, THOSE SATYRS.

Anyways. Satyrs. Yeah. Correct me if I'm wrong, but satyrs are not fauns. Satyrs, if I remember correctly, were men with horse's ears and tail who chased nymphs and hung out with Dionysus, the god of wine. Fauns, on the other hand, are men with the lower portions of a goat, and goat ears. Apparently wiki tells me otherwise. So I'm quite confused.
But yeah. Satyrs definitely love the wine. And orgies.

Image and artwork © 2006 to *pandorabox

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