Stamp - Bacchus Picture

Or Dionysus, but I know there's people out there (like myself xD) that know the two gods are different. Officially, this was a portrait of Bacchus, so that is what he will be called xD

Making stamps to show my TRUE obsession in life. I'm the biggest PJ dork my family and friends have ever met xD .. Read all the books five times -w- ... wins every PJ trivia game... gets 100s on ever Mythology test...

Ya know, Obsessed :3

My Rules:
-Free to use
-I don't care if you fav it (I don't get why people are against this -_-)
-No need to tell me if you used it or crediting me (unless you take it outside DA). Peeps can get to this page by clicking on the stamp xD

The art is not mine x3
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